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  The development of the handbags market

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PostSubject: The development of the handbags market   Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:18 am

Handbags Is one of the essential goods of every beauty Ms., coach and purse for ladies, is not just a accessories, a lot of it to show the taste and charm of women, is the embodiment of fashion and beauty, women are always not too own package too.

Many styles of bags are now available in the market, the material is varied, the selection is himself or herself, and women in most of them will buy michael kors handbags from a package of texture, appearance, color, shape, and so to determine if the luggage meets their expectations. usually selective and shop around. But with changing times, the standard of living constantly improve people's consumer psychology also will continue to change, more and more people chasing the brand, which may sometimes lead to some people appear irrational consumption, they tend to only care about the brand , rather than on cost-effective; of course, some people will follow suit to go popular this season will lose anything back. Consumer behavior to a certain extent stimulate the development of the Chanel purse market.

Since the reform and opening up, China's luggage industry has been rapid development, production and exports rank first in the market, China has become the the louis vuitton purses largest producer of the world's recognized. However, the rapid development of the luggage market, we can see that our luggage market some drawbacks:

A local brand meager highlights unparalleled bags manufacturing capacity, but to say that well-known brand, is really only a handful can only count on is producing countries of the michael kors purse in the luggage a brand and design, with some European and American countries, there are still a large gap between China's high-end luggage market is basically dominated by well-known international brand, has caused tremendous pressure on domestic manufacturers. The luxury brand's price is quite high, and the general working-class can only hope the package sigh, no Fu Xiaoshou. These high-end coach bags market is clearly only for a few people who does not conform to the tastes of the public.

, Bags for sale is not professional, traditional clothing store outlets bag, but many additional products, style, the match is not strong, making a lot of women do not desire to purchase. These bags on the store will not achieve even attract the role of the customer.

Third, the low end of the market quite a mixed classic chanel bag, these bags are a number of small workshops, small factories produced, making the process simple, cheap raw materials, can not guarantee the quality of these bags outside look good, but rough work makes cheap coach handbags of life can not be protection. This greatly restricts the development of the bag.

Throughout the market, women in order to bag industry to develop, need to rely on legal means and market mechanisms to control, there is no corresponding constraint, the coach wallet is very difficult to move forward, it is easy to buy bags, business and the appearance of the bag deception, so as far as possible in the choice of bags to go to a regular mall, to avoid being taken. Another country needs to create a local brand, not only have quality assurance, but also unique, I hope to have more and more known in the luggage business.
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The development of the handbags market
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