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 Friend, a confidant, hard to find

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PostSubject: Friend, a confidant, hard to find   Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:20 am

The so-called friend probably can be divided into two kinds, like the chanel handbags,some people think we neednít to buy that expensive products,but something think it is mean to the friend, also have two kinds.who like gucci bags,she think want to find a good handbags is so hard,and for other people,they think the handbags are easy to is the intersection, one is known to have been. Of phase transactions, known to have been hard to find. The life of the people known to have been enough. Confidante, and more can be met without.

Words: to have the confidante must be wise men, do confidante must be a woman wear fashion and witht the expensive louis vuitton handbag in the top grade. Now quite street people are looking for the delicate and subtle feelings between the Blue Yan, roots, and people. Who can read? ! Confidante, and more can be met without. Used to think that they have, in the end is empty.

Who are known to die, female tolerance for Yue, the daughter, known to have been hard to find. From time immemorial to the present, it seems that everyone is in jis Red looking forward to cheap louis vuitton. Who can really find the music? Who can really resonate with your own? In everyone's life, gucci outlet and deeds, the deeds have not matched words with deeds, what they seem, even if I also can not completely understand their own psychological, how dare expect the others kept in the dark to understand coach outlet online.

A person's life can not be easy, nor can everything be perfect. Experienced years vicissitudes of life we create one o'clock edges and corners, and the heart may be slightly depressed, and perhaps some trouble, do not want to own the other half said, but just want to know.

Not everyone can encounter one known to have been known to have been what is it? Are generally the opposite sex know that has really pure friendship between men and women? This is not learned, known to have been a very delicate relationship between the love and classic chanel bag, and further is love, one step back is a stranger. This sense of proportion is hard to grasp, because you want to know have been telling their minds when, is often encountered in life times of distress, pain and sadness when the most vulnerable time, at this time, the face that you know, understand your friend, your heart is undefended, most likely to be moved. Perhaps when you are most vulnerable, has been known to become love, friendship and transition to love.

The network really has been known to do? In the end, these feelings can go far? In the end this feeling to go long? In the end we can be retained on the other side coach handbags, how long? In the end, we need long to forget that once the feeling of knowing each other? Known to have been between the end is what kind of feelings? Tell, the tract is unknown, more than friendship, less than love. Now online, I rarely chat, no kind of mood, no longer that feeling.

The life there is always a lot of unhappy, want to have a known to have been is it so hard! coach wallet send to your friend is a kind of fate, this relationship can go far, and cherish today destined! Friends has been hard to come by roots to know that it is scarce.

Life is an edge, and also the feelings, the stuff you deliberately pursue a lifetime are not, you did not expect brilliant but will you indifferent calm unexpected ...
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Friend, a confidant, hard to find
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